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  • Develop PMLNLC  as a Center of Excellence in Legal Education, Training and Research
  • PMLNLC has vision towards elevating the standard and quality of legal education to the level of leading law school in the country, seeking to be a distinctive and distinguished law institution with a strong national and comparative focus.
  • PMLNLC aspires to be a nationally and internationally recognized centre of scholarly excellence. We are committed to produce outstanding and innovative scholarship and to provide an environment that advances scholarly discussion and debate.
  • PMLNLC will encourage its faculty to maintain its commitment to excellent teaching. It will support programs, initiatives and innovations that will serve to further enhance the faculty's performance as teachers.
  • PMLNLC continues to draw a diverse group of students from all over the country. We strive to make PMLNLC an exciting centre of learning for all of our students. We will provide our students with a versatile education in a stimulating environment that will enhance their professional development.
  • PMLNLC strives to be a diverse and selective law school whose faculty and students will have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the law, the profession and society.